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Human Resources

Minera Frisco acknowledges that its most important resource in a volatile environment is the human element; therefore we have kept our commitment, not only with our collaborators, but also with the communities close to our operating units, to develop strategies and synergies that will maintain and bolster our work structures in order to allow continuity and stability of the operations of all of our mining units. Thus, in its recruitment and hiring process, the Company seeks to cover its vacancies with internal personnel, providing them with opportunities of professional end personal development. Secondly, it seeks to cover vacancies with personnel from the communities neighboring the mining unit. In this way we foster relations between the company and the collaborators.

​Furthermore, Minera Frisco supports healthy relations with its workers and the union, in full respect of freedom of assembly and in recognition of the right to collective bargaining. Collective contract and salary revision, as well of some third-party contractor agreements, was done in 2015 with satisfactory results for all parties and with the involvement of the workers of the different union committees. In this way, the objective of fostering a positive, mutually-beneficial communication is fulfilled.​