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One of the daily tasks of our exploration team is finding areas with mineralized bodies. The main objective of the exploration work is to identify mineralized bodies with contents of gold, silver and copper which are susceptible of economic exploitation. The aim is to confirm, secure and increase mineral reserves. The positive results of this work increase the life of the mine and provide a parameter and certainty to the planning of the mine, which in turn translate into profitability and growth for the company.

Some of the activities which are carried out to confirm and increase resources and mineral reserves are geology and geophysics work, drilling, sample collection and analysis, and resource modelling. This work goes hand-in-hand with personnel training and outsourcing, and input acquisition.

Besides ensuring continuous operation of every mining unit, the work of exploration and metallurgy –done according to the best practice standards of the industry- provides greater certainty to the results. For this reason Minera Frisco continues with the process of preparing to secure certification of its resources and reserves under the guidance of a specialized company.